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Treatment of Personal Information

1. Usage of personal information
Totsukawa-kanko-Hotel uses personal information provided by its customers for the following purposes:
-To provide after sales services and to maintain our services, products
-To distribute brochures or materials on our services and products
-To improve our services and products and to develop new services and products
-To receive application in recruiting campaign
-To respond to customers’ requirement and opinions

Totsukawa-Kanko-Hotel may also contact customers by e-mail, telephone or post as deemed necessary.

Totsukawa-kanko-Hotel treats customers’ personal information with a high level of care and uses the data strictly within the terms as mentioned above.
In the event Totsukawa-kanko-Hotel changes the above terms, Totsukawa-kanko-Hotel will notify customers of them prior to changing.

2. Disclosure of personal information to third parties
Totsukawa-kanko-Hotel does not disclose customers’ personal information to third parties.

3. Outside entity to manage customers’ personal information
Totsukawa-kanko-Hotel may consign an outside entity to manage customers’ personal information.
In that case, Totsukawa-kanko-Hotel will select an entity with an appropriate level of information protection capability and supervise the entity in an appropriate manner.

4. Contact information
If you have any questions or inquiries concerning personal information, please contact Totsukawa-kanko –Hotel. Telephone number: 0746-64-0402