Hotel and Recreational Business


-There is a river in a site of the hotel. Visitors can enjoy nature, listening to rich sound of birds, and a murmuring of river and wind.
*A hotel fully-equipped with spa, water from spring-Hot spring baths flowed directly from a source of hot spring gives relaxing times. *Healthy Meals-You can enjoy healthy and delicious Japanese meals. Our chief carefully selects the best ingredient from fresh local products every season.

Location:946-1,Hiratani Totsukawa Mura Yoshino-gun Nara-ken Japan , 637-1554
Tel/Fax:tel.0746-64-0402 fax.0746-64-0580
Make a reservation:Please call us by 10 p. m. every day
Our Regular Holiday:Irregular

"You can feel quite refreshed and relaxed when you sit by a fireside in Japanese old folk style lobby, having open-timbered roof.
In front of you, a beautiful landscape of 3,000m high mountains of the Northern Japan Alps spreads out."

Profile of our master chef, Mr. Brice Mike Sakai :
"He was the first Japanese food chef of Crystal Harmony (now, Asuka the second), representative cruise ship of Japan.
He used to be a master chef of ""Benkei"", Japanese restaurant in Hotel Nikko San Francisco."

Tachibana Co. Ltd. (Owner of Kaza-ya Hotel)
Address: Kamisaka 440-1, Oku-Hida Onsenkyo, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan 506-1421
Tel: 0578-89-0112 Telefax: 0578-89-0113
Check in: 15:00 (20:00 at the latest)
Check out: 10:00

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-Just four suites featuring outdoor hot spring bath to be arranged
-Luxury times listening a surf sound
-Authentic Japanese or French dishes using local ingredients

Location:3745, Shirahama-cho Nishimuro-gun Wakayama-ken Japan, 649-2200
Tel: 0739-34-2713